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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"10news at noon" starts right now. >> good afternoon. i am allison kropff. >> today is a day to say thanks. toss not a reason for a three- day weekend and not an excuse for sales in stores. >> we say thank you to the men and women who have worn the uniform. also a frightening issue many veterans are facing. sadly, many are facing it alone. >> an idea of the horror that many of them carry. a horror too many just can't handle. we want to warn you some of the images is gruesome and graphic,
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troops are coming home forever changed. this is what we are calling "charlie foxtrot." >> [bleep] >> that's what it is. general absence of all logic. they don't stop themselves either. the transition from military service to veteran, general absence of all logic. it's about being a smart, fast, lethal soldier. >> you don't know who the bad guy is. you don't know who the good guy is. kill or be killed. in the moment you drop your guard, you're done. >> they train you how to go to the deployment, but they don't train you how to come home.
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>> i love the military. i always knew i was gonna go in. i served in the regiment. the band of brothers. i think it came to a ad snapped. about six months went by that i just don't remember much, the physical problems. the headaches and not sleeping. the pain and passing out and -- or blacking out. not wanting to tell anyone that that's happening. the v.a. for all these years would tell me, you're not a veteran.
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and so they see the hard copies in front of them, and then tell you, okay, but my computer says it's not. sorry, you can't come here. disgrace is the biggest understatement ever for that. >> if someone comes to us who served in the military who is a veteran but they have an other than honorable discharge, we are by law not allowed to treat them. congress sets the terms on who we are allowed to treat and what are. >> they volunteered to serve. they didn't volunteer to get ptsd. >> i feel like we are doing badly. we are just battling the military. an may look okay and he may function okay, but any don't know what we deal with. i had faith that as an american our soldiers would be treated
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i was naive because i believed in the system. the system doesn't work. it's a broken system. i miss that carefree, happy, intelligent, fun-loving son that has been taken from us. and i miss that. >> when you got word it out? >> by letter. i wanted to call everyone and brag, and then strangle those that -- yeah, it was not quite retribution, not quite relief, but awesome because i knew from
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better, i guess, you know? >> i was a sergeant before my 21st birthday. i was really good at my job. taking photos of dead bodies. that's not like the one thing that left me with post traumatic stress disorder. hearing explosions in the friends were dead. it was getting shot at from who knows where, you know, with bullets bouncing off the vehicle next to me. i was punished for attempting suicide. i mean, they threatened at one point to charge me with damaging government property, meaning myself, which is
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generated from ptsd, that's not dishonorable conduct. that's someone expressing symptoms. could you imagine missing, you know, the first year of your child's life to serve in combat and then to be told by the v.a. you're not a veteran? and a veteran who has an other than honorable discha at the v.a., who is more likely to be without a job, who is more likely to be homeless, who can't get a diagnosis from the v.a. because they don't qualify for healthcare, how are they supposed to prove that they have ptsd if the v.a. locks them out? >> the medical experts that they had in the room was an orthopedist. >> reporter: an orthopedist?
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>> reporter: that makes no sense. >> it does to the army. they were following the letter of the law at the type. >> reporter: they just needed a doctor? >> they just needed a doctor. >> reporter: why not a dermatologist? >> exactly . so i was there donning that post traumatic stress disorder and depression were the reasons why i attempted suicide, an orthopedist decided that that wasn't >> they fight the battles on the field and they unfortunately are continuing to fight the battles off the field. >> again this is "charlie foxtrot," and the price of failure is great. often suicide. tonight at 5:00 we dedicate an hour to our service members exposing this problem and we are going to work with you to find answers. do not miss so much more coming
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"10news at 5" and at meanwhile, as we honor our nation's veterans we are dealing with very violent protests across the country. scenes like this in several cities. people in each of these cities are not happy about tuesday's decision and president-elect donald trump overall. now, as we said, some of these are very violent. some cities police suited up in riot gear and launched flash bangs. night in oregon. cars were vandalized and businesses attacked. there were reports of attacks on drivers. meantime, president-elect trump has no public scheduled to. he is spending the day at trump tower in new york as he considers who he would pick for his cabinet. >> if he doesn't reconsider and he keeps going the way things have been, there is going to be a real problem and he is gonna be met with that. >> meanwhile, closer to home,
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many demonstrators throughout tampa bay and ybor city. you see hundreds taking their frustration to the street in response to president-elect trump becoming commander in chief. many say we need to move forward as a nation. the protesters say they will never accept mr. trump's sexist rhetoric he displayed throughout his campaign. honor ago patient. a world war ii veteran and cancer survivor. >> in the first flag ceremony they recognized arthur kroff. he was rescued after a night in a life raft. years later he managed to fight pancreatic cancer. we asked him which battle was tougher. world war ii or cancer. >> pancreatic cancer. it was either have the operation or terminal. and thanks to this wonderful
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1942. he underwent cancer treatment in 2015 and he is doing well. loving someone of a different race. it could have got you thrown in jail just a few decades ago. >> that relationship that changed our country forever is featured in a new movie. 10weather meteorologist ashley batey keeping an eye on the temperatures, which are perfect for this afternoon. >> so perfect over the next few hours. we will be near 80 degrees for today. now, overnight remember as much as we heat are going to cool down quickly. it's going to be chilly getting out the door tomorrow. i will talk about what you can expect as you are getting ready for your weekend in a few minutes. starting to think about that holiday shopping? >> of course. >> we will help you out. join us starting monday morning. we have a cool giveaway next week on "10news this morning." we teamed up with the gold & diamond to give away a $500 gift card to the gold & diamond
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. it's amazing how things changed over the last five decades. if you haven't heard of the
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interracial couple sentenced to prison in the '50s. an inside look. >> i am gonna build you a house. >> reporter: their last name said it all. the true story of the lovings. it's how an interracial couple in the late '50s defied the norms of the day and got married. when a local sheriff found out about it, they wound up in for doing so. joel edgeerson, who plays richard loving, calls the man a bit of a contradiction. >> he looked like a redneck who would be opposed to the marriage of a white man and a black woman. you are talking about love and talking about it's not okay. >> i believe this is a battle that could go all the way to
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>> reporter: ruth mega plays mildred. >> it seems preposterous that anybody could deny any other human, let alone the legislature gets involved, let alone legislate who you can marry. >> go up to d.c. and get married. >> reporter: now to set the mood of the period, director jeff nichols loaded the set with classic props, treasure chest of classic cars, which were important to the story line as richard was a bit of a gear head. talk to me about the sea of vintage cars you were dealing with. >> i nearly worked out the entire camera crew at one point because, you know, the steering, the little like, you know vintage cars don't drive -- the safety mechanisms and things like that feel like bungee sticks.
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it feels like driving a boat. >> you realize this case could alter the constitution of the united states? >> reporter: loving versus virginia was a case that went all the way to the supreme court. a case that had an enormous effect on the laws prohibiting interracial marriage. >> there were many couples like this couple before. it feels like they were do this. it's no coincidence their name is loving. >> reporter: for 10news, i am sam hallenbeck. >> all right. if you are looking for something to weekend you might want to consider heading to the park in st. pete for ribfest. it runs today, saturday, and sunday. the gates open at 11:00. you have some great food. you got live music performances. this of course helps to raise money for a number of youth organizations in the community. we talk about the food and music. it's gonna be awesome. >> between both of these things, it's incredible. i am going to be out there this evening. i am so pumped.
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the stage tonight. i've been walking around like this all day. >> she is excited because she gets to listen to them and you get to introduce huey lewis. >> so pumped. i hope you come out. it's going to be a great night. >> the weather is going to be wonderful. perfect. light jacket is all you need. we will cool things down quickly after sunset, but we are not going to get miserably cold out there. so you will be in great shape this afternoon and this evening, and really all weekend long. stormtracker 10 nice and quiet right now. we are getting a little bit of from the coast, but this is all high, thin cloud cover. it's not going to be anything that's producing anything in the way of rain chances. you can see that as we look out from our camera there in st. pete. it looks like we have got maybe a parasailer going by there. so really nice day to get out on the water as well. nothing but high, thin clouds. as a result, temperatures are warming up quickly. 75 in tampa. 71 st. pete. 81 already in sarasota. so these numbers are warming
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more as we head into the afternoon. after 4:00 check, around 78. we will get close to 80 degrees across much of the tampa bay area and there will be a few spots that manage to hit that mark later on today. overnight though we really see a drop. we will have clear skies. there is nothing to prevent that heat from just going right out into space. so we are going to start off at 57 in tampa and like we you a saw this morning upper 40s in the nature coast. yes, it's going to be cold, but as we head through the afternoon once again we so breaking down ribfest for you, yeah, we saw the temperatures up around 72 for the start there. millennials taking the stage at 5:00. for huey lewis and the news tonight 70 degrees. those temperatures will drop from there. if you are cold natured, you will want a light jacket or sweater. other than that, you won't need anything else. leave the rain gear at home. tomorrow the 11th warrior competition gets going in clearwater beach. expect 80 degrees tomorrow there. it's looking great as well.
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on my facebook page. should be a cool event. clearwater beach on such a nice weekend, that's hard to beat at pier 60. also say hi tomorrow. i will be at the tampa greek festival. plenty of sunshine straight through the weekend for south tampa. of course, a big football game going on at ray jay. bears playing the bucs. 77 degrees for your kickoff temperature. rain chances move in on monday. models not in great agreement on the timing. definitely ssh out for wednesday and thursday. ian and allison. >> thanks, ashley. as we pay tribute and say thank you to all the veterans in our country, so are a number of bay area restaurants. >> after the break we will tell you where you can get freebies after all of your work serving our country. tonight at 8:00 "macgyver" and then "hawaii five-0" at 9, "blue bloods" at 10, and then "10news at 11".
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on fridays we feature another incredible school in the tampa bay area as 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. and this week it is north port high school where they have a whole lot cheer about. they showed us robotics. it's such a popular program. students learn the engineering fundamentals in high school. with 2,300 students there, the bobcats are proud of their visual and performing arts programs as well. it was incredible to learn all the things that they are doing at this school. >> and get a peek into what they are accomplishing at such an early age. they are competing in weekend in a robotics competition. a number of places offering freebies for veterans. applebee's has seven meals. you can get a free brach fast
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blue pancakes and red lobster, too. make sure you have proof of your service or valid military i.d. we have the military veterans freebies on our website and app. great weather? >> yes. all weekend long. whatever you have planned, make time to get outside because it's going to be gorgeous this weekend. temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon, and then looking ahead to saturday and sunday similar with rain possibly returning monday. we haven't nailed down the timing yet. be ready to possibly have the umbrellas handy. you won't need them this weekend though. >> perfect. >> can't get any better that thank you so much for joining us. and thank you again to all of our veterans out there. have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you back here on
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>> jack: come in. >> phyllis: hello. i have some talking points on the jabotgo app, features of the app, how easy it is to use, how ashley saw the potential right away, and scooped it up. now, what's exciting is that people can try out all the cosmetics on a selfie, no more ordering a color that isn't yours, see what works and doesn't work from home, office, or anywhere. >> jack: thanks. it's, uh, that's a good start. i got some ideas of my own. >> phyllis: yeah.


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